Excellence Through Training

Marine industrial companies, staffing agencies, construction companies, Militay, Government.

Eliminating Cost and Staying Safe

Shipyard and General employment, navigating and working onboard ships and other sites is dangerous work and employees must remain alert and have the training and knowledge in order to execute appropriately. During my many years conducting various operations in the Navy both onboard warships, landside and overseeing the daily operations of a major ship repair company, I fully understand how imperative and crucial training is to any operation. In any operation or project there are three key elements: People, Training and Equipment/Materials. Take any of one out of the triangle it’s a
mission fail. I also know that successful companies key on Cost, Schedule and Quality/Safety. Experience has shown that with proper training in safety practices and operations to include effective procedures, cost is significantly reduced for companies and most importantly it can reduce or eliminate workplace accidents and injuries by implementing effective Administrative and Engineering controls.